Only see him once a week-what do I do?

So I've been dating this guy for about a month, and here's the thing-when we get together, it's awesome. But that only happens about once a week. We text daily, but I have to deal with 2+hours between each text from him. What should I do? Is it too early to talk to him about how it drives me crazy? I feel like I'm stuck in this roller coaster of being super excited when I'm with him, on withdrawal for the first two days following our date, and empathetic/frustrated for the rest of the time until I see him again. For context, he lives about an hour away. And when we do hang out, it's for 5+ hours, sometimes I spend the night (no sex yet-I'm taking it slow, cause this is my first real "relationship") Thoughts?


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  • Does he give you short responses? If yes, then he doesn't sound too eager.

    • No, they are normally paragraph sizes

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