Are new bumble app updates sexist?

Bumble if you are not familiar is a self proclaimed feminist app. It was created by the same person who created tinder. The app does not allow guys to message a girl, unless she has messaged him first. This allows for a safer space, and changes the typically dating dymamic.

The new update allow people to people to search for friendships, called bff. What is f upped to me is that can only find the same gender while searching for friends, and can search for friends based on gender either. Wtf, how can a self proclaimed feminist app suggest the men and women can't be friends. It is also heteronormative as fuck too, #TBT
Correction: can not search for friends based on gender.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I guess they want to stick with their rule that guys can't message girls

    • Which is fine, but that is not the case. When searching in dating, you can still like a girl's profile. In Bff you can not even view the opposite gender

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  • just met a woman yesterday morning on there and had sex with her
    seems to work for me

    • Well I am asexual, hense why I found the bff option really awesome. Until I found that I can't meet a girl on there unless I want to date. I mean good for you, but that is the exact opposite experience that I want.

    • Try a different app then if you don't want sex. Why not Meetup since you'd be able to share common winter and hobbies with looks of people

    • interests* not winter lol weird autocorrect

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  • Eh, sounds super sexist. I want to be all up in arms about it, but I realized it's just an app and the people that join have chosen to do so. If you don't like the way it works, don't use it. If current and prospective users lose interest it forces them to change the way the app works to stay relevant.


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  • Bumble is just stupid and sexist in general

    • You sound bitter

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    • Why would that be a flaw?

    • @ILikeToParty Why would WHAT be a flaw?

  • Yeah that sounds really sexist


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