Can someone give me some advice on what I should do?

Ok so basically I confessed to my best friend in early January but the thing is that she had just broken up with her by by late December and I didn't know she had a be she kept it a secret from everyone for some reason. So she told me that she like me too but wanted to take things slow. It's been 3 months and she still hasn't given me a straight answer she just says that she is afraid of losing me or doing something that would end up hurting me. I mean we have gone out on mini dates kissed, had sex. We do everything couples do and people always think we are a couple but she does want to admit that we are. It's been 3 months and honestly I'm scared to ask her if she ever wants to be my girlfriend and find out that she is only using me for her emotional/sexual needs. I have been patient with her and been waiting for her to give me her answer and really want to know and right now I just don't know what to do anymore. Do I continue waiting for her answer, has she had enough time to think or do I just tell her are we a couple or not because I'm actually want a relationship. She is scared of losing me but I honestly think I'm more terrified of losing her and she doesn't really know how scared I am of losing her. I just don't know what to do anymore.


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  • Don't ask her. I think you are boyfriend and girlfriend already. If you ask her, she is going to freak out.
    Also, if you're scared of losing her, please don't admit it to her.


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  • i think there is something more going on that she feels she cannt say to you. i think she has a problem that only time can fix along with love , caring , and understanding.
    in one or more of her previous relationships she might have said the things you want her to say and in the end they never worked out. she finds you a loving caring guy and is so scared you will leave her like everyone else has. she doesn't want to say them any more, hoping that it will last. if you are exclusive i wouldn't push the issue and just except everything she is willing to give you. i would suggest taking to her and telling her you can tell me anything and i'm not going anywhere because i love you. when you are ready to talk about the B/F thing i'm here give her a big hug and tell her again you love her.


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