I created fake profile and chatted with him (ex-date) in dating app, wanted to start again but he told the truth to the fake profile?

Long story short, i dated him for almost 3 mos but i broke it off last week due to trust issues and cause he can't commit.

I'll do the comparison in this format, *what happened in real / what he said to the fake profile* i'll list few that i found inconsistencies

i was sure he is seeing someone else he said no / he said he can only handle one at a time
we dated for almost 3 mos / only 1 month

we were chatting for 3 freaking hours (fake profile) and i tried as much to get information about the real me and it seems that his feelings for me aren't strong enough to make it a real relationship. He was kind of trying to avoid to talk about the real me and I don't know why because he seems open to talk about his other exes. I asked if the last girl he dated (real me) is the least on the 3 girls he dated and he said "probably hehe" OUCHH and that he dont usually get back together with his ex because a break up is a break up and that there are plenty of fish in the sea.

before this fake profile thingy, i wanted to get back to him and continue to meet without a pressure. Just to enjoy good times together but after all the things he said to the fake profile, im pretty disapponted. Im thinking if i should still send the message about getting back and see his response. Anyhow i feel i already lost this..


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  • LOL You broke up because of trust issues, but you're the one using fake profiles. Epic !


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  • You definitely have trust issues. But I will say based off my own experience in this sort of thing, he probably wasn't all that invested in you.

    I hope you don't mind me sharing my own personal story:

    This was almost 4 years ago, I was 17 and had a guy best friend (let's call him Adam) who I had a crush on, I introduced him to a friend (let's call her Cathy) and he ended up asking her out after 3 days of knowing each other. For the first 2 days, they Skype videoed each other but then after 2 days he started to lose interest in her... according to him they haven't had sex, it was due to just being nothing to talk about -- something to do with the lack of chemistry.

    Then Adam ended up Skype videoing me, every night... we laughed and joked around a lot... we would try to beat our time records (7 hours max we skyped every night). But he would be lying to Cathy saying he was going to bed to avoid talking to her. She found out through computer screenshots of our Skype chats that I posted on Facebook that Adam was lying to her.
    Another time they were supposed to meet up in day, but he texted her to cancel to hang out with me instead... of course none of this I knew at time it was happening but Cathy was getting pretty upset. Cathy told me that she was on phone with Adam other day and he had to go because he has limited minutes, I let it slip that he actually has unlimited minutes... she blew a casket and ended up cheating on him.

    Now it's 4 years later and looking back, Adam wasn't all that invested in the relationship with Cathy. He was more willing to put time and effort into our friendship then he was towards building a relationship with Cathy.

    At end of day, you can't force someone to work on a relationship... and if someone doesn't want to spend time doing so they aren't worth your time...
    Sorry if I'm rambling, I'm tired but I hope this gives you closure.

    • He never cancelled our dates. He can meet me in last minute notice even if he is busy with work. Im very confused bec he said he likes me a lot and he like the time we spend together.

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  • You are the one in the wrong here, I hope he never gets back with you

    • Bec i created a fake profile?

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    • Thats true but i wanted to know his real feelings for me also. Was he just making an excuse? Where do i stand really? Turns out he didn't like me enough which he didn't tell me straight.

    • I know it's hard for some to go straightforward, but ask him straight forward, where do we stand? don't mention anything about the fake account, eventually it would probably be brought up or probably not, then you'll have your answer there.

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  • He's probably just not into you then especially if he spent 3 hours talking to some other girl online.

    I had an ex do that to me and I said the most awful- jealousy inducing things to him because I knew it was him just to piss him off because it was insulting that he did that lol

    • This guy is clueless lol and I don't know, i sent him message via fake profile since last week (when we broke up) and he just replied last night cause he has time to chat and planned on keeping awake throughout the night.

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    • I think its the best way to move on. When im totally not into him anymore but right now i can't just suddenly stop meeting him. so its like, until im totally satisfied?

    • You mean you just want closure from him? I guess you could ask and maybe get that but I think it would be best to just move on, it's pretty obvious that it won't work out.

      I know you can't just stop caring about him but it won't help to just continue talking to him.

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