How can I improve/ be successful at the dating game?

After doing little dating in Hs and focusing on trying to get into college, I have decided to try dating. Currently I have been unsuccessful with one girl rejecting me and another that played around and ignores me. Although both these situations were very frustrating and painful to get through, I feel like I have made a small improvement in my dating game. I ask what can be done to minimize mistakes and improve my dating game?


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  • You should simply keep trying. There is no other option. You're going to fail so many times but you will eventually get a girl.

    • I don't think I'm frustrated with the failure part but more of how cold some girls can be lol. I'm a musician and failed to make the cut many times. I'm no stranger to rejection because of it. Did I give up? No! Of course not! Because of it I have made even greater accomplishments I could only dream of.

What Guys Said 2

  • You're complaining about failure after pursuing two women? Haha no.

    When it comes to pursuing women, you're looking at a 1-5% success rate in getting to girl to date you. If you're real good, you might bump that up to 10%, or MAYBE 25% if you're really good. It's a numbers game designed for men to lose. Just keep pursuing women, and the odds will eventually fall in your favor.

    • I'm not trying to but I think it's partly because I'm thinking about how unsuccessful I was in hs when I DID try. And I shouldn't be thinking like that because most girls in hs are superficial.

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    • Everything isn't about looks the way I see it. Though I'm decent looking, I am very successful and talented and that makes up for it. Plus I can always work out to change part of my physical look.

    • It's not about the looks. It's just that, if you're a man, dating is going to be very hard.

  • in my opinion it's mainly a numbers game. Just putting yourself out there will eventually get you that nice girl who loves you back. If you think some "technique" will give you more confidence there is plenty of videos on youtube, but they are mainly for Pick Up Artists. You don't need to do anything special, just make sure you smell okay.


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