Girls When you were pregnant did u feel more in love more passionate? Guys was your lady more so?

I believe I am pregnant since I am never late and I am very very late. I am waiting for a blood test. But I have all the signs and feel certain I am. I fall asleep holding my belly to protect it and feeling in love and happy. (I guess because I had the talk with the guy I have been seeing and he was especially wonderful) I find myself holding my belly smiling, wanting to melt in his arms and nuzzle him. Wanting to kiss him and I just get so aroused. We don't live together. So I say "wanting to". If I were with him I would actually do it. I am so full of gratitude. Thinking this baby was made with love. My whole marriage I couldn't conceive but I was not treated right. And now I hold my belly and think this baby was made with LOVE and it feels beautiful. I get treaty eyed. I feel sure I am but I am waiting for the test results.


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  • From an evo-psych perspective an increase in libido would make sense as this is the time guys are most likely to leave and you are the most vulnerable.
    Your waiting for the results? Just piss on a stick.

  • I've never been pregnant, but I've heard that women are more aroused during pregnancy, I have no clue why.


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