GAME TIME: define the relationship?

I'll give details of relationships and you decide what title they would be in the modern world. What one would you prefer? Any other comments welcomed! :)

Met on tinder, caught up numberous times and had sex, text 4 times a week talking naughty and when they can meet up next

One night stand but one year after said event, they go on dates, text daily (including good morning texts every now and again), met each other's families and friends, wait for each other to start the next season of tv show, see each other at least once a week for a sleepover between their busy schedules, can be them-self around each other but no spark (yet?), exchanged small Christmas gifts. He says they're "seeing each other", her brother calls it a "relationship"

Met at school, he cheated on her for 3 months but she gave him another chance. He flirts with other girls but she's his number one, see each other 4 days a week after they finish work, passionate when it needs to be but mainly calm like being with a best friend, they like every thing they post on social media

Met through friends, text 4-7 times a week, catch up once a week for Netflix and chill, met the families and some friends

what category do you think each falls under? (One can be assignmend to two/three whatever you think!)

Choice are: fuckbuddy, friend with benefits, boyfriend girlfriend.


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  • 1. Fuck buddy
    2. Friends with benefits (maybe heading towards bf/gf?)
    3. Boyfriend girlfriend
    4. Either friends with benefits or boyfriend/girlfriend

    I would probably prefer the second relationship above the other three

    • Interesting what makes you say number two is FWB? And why would you prefer it over the others? :)

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    • Yeah I agree I couldn't do number one!

      But from #2's activities they do everything a relationship would do just without labelling - maybe it's just assumed that they are together? They talk everyday go on dates how could they not be together?

    • I think it really depends on the two people involved in the relationship #2 I guess you could say it is assumed they are together because they do all of those things. I don't know I just don't see them as "together" or abetted way to say it is maybe one partners is not as serious about the relationship as the other? There is some imbalance between the partners if they have not talked about their relationship or where it is going. Honestly in my personal opinion #2 is a mix of a relationship and friends with benefits, unless both people have talked with each other and understand what the other wants from whatever their relationship is currently

  • 1. fuckbuddy
    2. friend with benefits
    3. boyfriend girlfriend
    4. boyfriend girlfriend

    • So what makes 2 and friends with benefits and 4 a relationship?

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    • Any idea on how she can change that? (Plot twist relationship 2 is my current relationship and I think there's more feelings on my end lol Fml)

    • @missy1994 of course it is. i already had my suspicions since relationship 2 was the most detailed and seemed the most important to you. i'm sorry you're in that situation. you could talk to him about your relationship. i don't know how he gave you that impression, but maybe your impression is wrong and he does give a lot about you. and if there are indeed more feelings from your side than from his, you could talk with him about that and i'm sure he can tell you why. if he can't, well then i'm sorry but maybe it's just not meant to be after all.

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