Why is he messaging me?

I dated a guy about 5 months ago. It was only for a few weeks, he came on really keen but then he played games as he was getting back with his ex girlfriend but he doesn't know I know this as he told me he didn't have time for a relationship and I found out through a mutual friend later.

He has just sent me a message asking if I was ok and asking if I hate him. He is still with his girlfriend. What is he doing?


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  • this seems like my ex.
    his ex girlfriend probably cheated on him but he loves her and you are his go to girl.. to rub his ego from time to time. from past experience i wouldn't text back.


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  • Maybe he feels bad about how he treated you?

    • But why wait 5 months and he could have just said I'm sorry about how I treated you rather than asking if I'm ok as if I am going to reply.

    • True in that case i would ignore him.

      With one of the ex's I had. If he reached out to contact me. That normally meant he wanted to try and get back with me. Though he would then easily leave. So after a point I just ignored him.

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