If you're on a dating website. How long should you talk before?

I've been talking to this guy for over a month ( on the dating website!) we haven't exchanged numbers. Is that a bad sign? How long do you think we should talk before we exchange numbers?
I've talked to other guys and they ask for my number within the week! But, then our comunication stops. With this guy we've been talking for a month. And I feel Our conversations our good. so why hasn't he asked for my number? He contacted me first on the site. He knows I like him I told him i enjoyed talking with him. He told me enjoyed talking to me too! :) (and we use smilie faces when talking) I feel like he likes me? Please help.
Anyone have an opinion that might help me please! :)


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  • I have recently gotten into a fantastic relationship with a guy I met on an online dating site.

    I'm a very cautious person and I know what red flags to look for when navigating the online world. So I made my account on a Wednesday night and looked through heaps of guys profiles in my area. A lot of them were quite attractive but all looked so serious in their photos. Then I come across my boyfriends profile. He was a skinnier guy, and I'm an average sized girl with very wide hips so yeah... I was pretty insecure and didn't think a skinny guy would ever be attracted but took a chance and contacted him. The next day (Thursday) he messaged me that morning and we exchanged about 12 or so long format messages in that day before we exchanged Skype details and moved to there. We talked consistently until the Saturday when we made plans to meet in a public place on the Monday.

    I really liked speaking to him online but I was absolutely head over heels for him when we finally met in person. And he was the same about me. All these body issues or personality clash issues I had before meeting up completely disappeared. It's at that point now that my boyfriend is actually so bland in text compared to real life that it's no where near as fun interacting through text anymore hahaha. Body language is everything and you're really wasting time talking with him for months without even knowing how you'd be like or interact in person.

    There are a few things that could happen.
    He could be an online player and talking to multiple girls. If he refuses to meet up or keeps making excuses, then he isn't genuine about being in a relationship.
    Or he could be a shy guy. I'm the one who contacted my boyfriend and organised to meet him, now that we're comfortable together he has no issues taking charge to make plans. The reason he hasn't asked is because he could be shy or he too doesn't know how long you should interact before exchanging numbers. (I exchanged numbers with my boyfriend the day before we met so we could find each other). So it may be worth fir you to take things into your own hands and ask him.

    there's nothing to lose and at this point you're wasting time by not meeting in person. Like I said, people are so different in person than how they are online.

    best of luck and if it doesn't work out, don't feel bad.
    Also stay safe and meet in public!

    • Thanks so much! Yeah! I feel the same way. I'm talking to a skinnier guy then myself. And the same thoughts have been running through my head. He contacted me first... we are still talking... so... maybe he is still interested? he lives pretty far away from me. Probably about 900 miles away. So it's not like we can just do a date night lol. I guess I'll just see where it goes.

    • Happy to help sweetie :D

      Hmmm wow! 900 miles is a big distance but if you two are really hitting it off then it's worth it to give it a shot.
      You're right about date night not being an easily accessible thing but you could try alternatives like a Skype voice chat.
      if you can hold a converdation in real time with him then the relationship is definitely worth a shot.
      Just mention the idea to him and if he is really interested in being with you, he has no reason to deny.

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  • Be patient
    Maybe the reason why you have such great convos is because he's so different.
    Something to think on...

    • Different you mean by serious about finding a relationship? And doesn't want to just go to texting/calling with just anyone?

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    • Then word it differently so it sounds more sensitive instead of accusations

    • Accusational ***

  • Hmmm... Yes, I do find it a bit uncanny tha it has been a Month of Mondays and No one Has... Exchanged numbers.
    Perhaps it is a Misunderstanding in One's own mind, that Both of you may be Feeling Awkward in Asking for each other's number so No One... Is Talking.
    Try going First to break this Nice Ice. Tell him you think it has been way too long now to Not 'Exchange numbers' and how does he Feel about this better Deal?
    Good luck. xx


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