Who do you think was in the wrong here? Her or her boyfriend?

They were attending a funeral for his boss, it was not his bosses funeral but one his boss asked him to go to and in the middle of the pastor talking she leaned to one side, lifted her butt cheek off the seat and farted extremely loudly. It also reeked so terribly. Everyone in the church looked at her and he decided not to take the blame. People made jokes and laughed at her and she got mad with her boyfriend because he did not take the blame. His argument is that his girlfriend was rude, crude and very disrespectful and it could have been a different story if it was an accident but the fact she purposely did it as loud as she could meant she deserved the judgment from others and was not prepared to take the blame for it.
  • He was totally in the right making her take the blame.
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  • He was in the wrong and should have taken the blame.
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@FemWorship It is really pathetic you blocked me. I have said nothing wrong to you. All I said was that was not my boss or girlfriend that did that and yet I get blocked! Smh…


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  • Hopefully now, she learns her lesson. She was rude and expected him to take the blame. Nuh uh honey, shouldn't have done it in the first place

    • Yeah well I agree. The leaning to one side, lifting her ass check off the seat and dong it as loud as she can make it shows she could have controlled it but was putting on a show.

    • Ikr. She could have excused herself and apologized. She could have also held it in. She could have also gotten up and stepped out for a sec. But she just blantely did it without a care in the world. Smh especially at a funeral

    • Yes, I do not mind women farting around me but I draw the line at a woman doing it in a funeral or even in church.

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  • Why should he take the blame? She farted and it's not something really to be ashamed of. I doubt she did it on purpose. I don't know anyone who can control the loudness of their farts 100 percent of the time.

    It's most likely she did it by mistake, thought it was going to be quiet but it ended up being loud. I'm sure everyone has those moments.

    • I agree he should not take the blame. To be honest I think she actually did do it on purpose and she made it as loud as she could.

  • Just cause he's her boyfriend doesn't mean he has to take the blame. She made herself look out to be an idiot and disrespectful in all ways possible. She's the one who's in the wrong here.

    Who the fuck farts at a funeral no less? Ugh these people have lost the word manners 😒

    • I agree with you. I mean the fact she leaned to one side, lifted her ass cheek off the seat and farted as loud as she could shows she did it on purpose. I think good on her boyfriend for making her take the blame for it.

  • Meh, could be his fault for choosing a rude girlfriend. Shouldn't have taken her to the funeral lol.

    • Meh, how did he know she was going to do that. Not his fault. She should be taking responsibility for her actions. Women need to accept when they are at fault and she was not.

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    • My boyfriend agreed with you by the way :). I guess people from different background and culture have different perceptions on this matter. Generally people get a basic access to healthcare, and anything above that basic stuff, they have to pay. Disabled people do get government allowance to pay for medical bills. Not sure how it works in the US but i think it's fair that way in Vietnam.

    • Yes, culture and background do make a difference. I am not in the USA, I am in New Zealand and we have a good healthcare system that covers everyone in the country.

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  • Oh she was certainly in the wrong.

  • Your life really sucks, doesn't it?
    Maybe find another boss and certainly replace the girlfriend, pal

    • That was not my boss or girlfriend that did that.

    • Step back pal
      get a broader view of this situation
      boss makes you go to funeral... get a new boss! (Follow?)
      you take a gal to a funeral... she farts... get a new gal! (Follow?)

      The comment is about your choices in life and giving you a smell of the coffee to wake up to the fact your life sucks and needs you to change it NOT wallow in who farted at a funeral that's wasting up your have fun time.

  • The boyfriend. Clearly he didn't teach his woman manners. It's like when your dog humps a visitor or something instead of just sitting quietly.

    • Yes, in that situation I can understand it but if I were shopping at the mall with her I would be perfectly ok if my girlfriend did that.

  • It should be blatantly obvious that he was in the right.

    • Yes, I think so to! However, some women love to be the victims. Anyway I don't want to get into that.

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    • Some people are pussywhipped.

    • Oh her you mean.

  • Farts are like principles: if you have to let them go , do it in silence and hope nobody notices it.


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