Guy says he's excited im coming to see him?

I am driving 4 hours to go see a guy next state. Last week we facetimed and planned to meet up in person. He was going to come out here next month but I suggested I go out to see him so it's sooner. We have great convos. We always laugh, smile and talk about deep meaningful topics. After we hung up to facetime, we didn't communicate for 3 days. I didn't text him and he didn't text me. I thought he was done with me so I blocked him on instagram and deleted his number. As soon as I did that day, he texted me how I was doing and if we were still on for the weekend. I said sure. He then told me he had to make sure I didn't change my plans. That he didn't know me well enough or my tendencies, but he's excited im coming. I asked him if his tendencies were good and if he wasn't going to ditch me. He laughed and assured me that will definetely not happen. We've been texting everyday again and tomorrow I am driving to see him. He has it planned that he wants to hang out with me, eat when I get there and then travel the city the next day. He offered to pick me up from my hotel and he drive us, but I declined. We've been sharing music with eachother recently as well. He hasn't texted me today. I'm scared he's going to ditch me. Is he even interested? I feel blind to this, but something is telling me to go. Such mixed feelings. He always texts me back when he says he would, always says goodnight when he has to go to bed and says he will chat with me the next day. He asks if I've eaten for the day. (I haven't been eating properly.) I get nervous about these things because every guy I've been with has been one sided. I'm scared he will be too or he will stop talking to me all of a sudden. What do you guys think?

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  • I would call. Before spending 8 driving there and back. Why is this all in text only?

    • We've facetimed about it as well. I text because I'm at work 10 hours out of the day and I'm a texter. I don't really like talking on the phone. Him, not so sure.

  • I think there's only one way to find out. Go meet him!

    Things can always go wrong. But once in a while they just work out nice. Give it a shot.

    Good luck! ;)


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