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I really care about my friend, and truly want to make sure she's always ok (I'm a guy btw). We talk and text all the time, share ideas, jokes, tease, etc. I do everything and anything I can to help her. I started falling for her recently, and mostly becuase she seemed to be falling for me. Her friends noticed me a lot more, they giggled when they passed me. She stared at me constantly, smiling, flirting, hinting at dating/prom. I started to fall for her, becuase I realized how great she really was, but am also hesitant at losing her as a friend. We had to get something for school, and I asked her if she wanted to come with me to get it at the mall (I thought it was just a great way to get to hangout without the awkwardness of it being a "date", trying to make her slowly feel more comfortable w/ me). She said yes (In real life) and seemed pretty happy, but whenever I try and setup a time, she brushes it off. I seem to get less-0 texts from her, and barely any respones (even when asking questions). She has been working a lot lately, but I feel like if she can post on social media, she can take 10 seconds to respond. I really do care about her, friend or girlfriend, so seeing her sort of distance me kind of hurts. Any ideas? Did I do something wrong?


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  • no you didn't do anything wrong. she could just be going through some stuff. maybe she actually is busy. I tell myself (too often probably lol) that whomever I'm trying to get through to is just busy. worrying will only hurt yourself in the long run. lemme guess, y'all are always there for each other but this time it feels different?

    • Exactly, when I talked to her last, we walked together the whole day, and didn't leave each others sight. Text constantly, so its like going form 1 extreme to another if that makes sense.

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    • hakuna matata I'm happy to help! you can PM me if you want. like if you need more help or just wanna talk or whatever. anyways I hope things work out in your favour

    • thanks for MHG!

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  • Maybe she didn't get your text?

    • Read, and didn't reply. Now when I text her, or SC her, its either no reply, or a few words.

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    • Because she's posting on social media, and stories on snapchat. I tried asking her before like I said, and if she ever responded. If she did, I could give you an answer to what she said but no responses so RIP. Its not like I didn't try either, I have tried asking and talking to her all day to no avail.

    • Okay okay

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