How to approach a guy that I like?

There's this guy I have a class with. We talk occasionally. He has such a cute smile and he's so cute.
I started dressing for him to get his attention. He complimented me the other day he told me I looked good. But he doesn't do anything apart from that.


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  • I prefer my women to be more open and obvious. Probably because often I can't take a hint. :( Try being a little more open with him. Don't give away too much though.


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  • Honestly any guy has a struggle just complimenting anything about a girl if they don't know them a lot. So obviously this guy isn't shy that he likes you. Also you don't necessarily need to dress up for him. If I see a girl who is really nice to me and thoughtful any guy who is decent enough will notice this and really appreciate you.

  • When he isn't looking, wing a balled up poece of paper at him for fun.

    Its childish, he will be suprised and will likely approach you after


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