What should I do about this guy I can't stop thinking about?

Back in October i was dumped by my boyfriend of two years who i had also moved in with. A few weeks go by and i found someone on facebook who i always knew kinda liked me but i dont know how much. I added him and we exchanged cell numbers. We only talked a couple of days and even though i liked him and i still do i told him i wasn't interested in a romantic relationship. I wish i didn't say that but i felt i had to because i just got out of a rocky two year relationship and wasn't sure if he would feel like a rebound and i sort of felt like maybe i need to clear my head and really think about what i want in a man. I did text him a couple months ago asking if we were to go out how hed treat me. He answered quickly and said hed treat me right as long as i did the same to him. I haven't texted him since. I really am interested in this guy. I think about him a lot but because i told him im not interested im afraid maybe he won't give me a chance or even reply. What should i do?


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  • Good question. I can relate because my ex girlfriend and I of 4 years, whom I also lived with, broke up in November. I've dated 2 girls since then, and I've been with 6 total haha... just some perspective.

    DON'T tell anyone those kinds of things. Whether you're looking for a rebound or not, it doesn't matter. Your past is your past for a reason and that's where it belongs. You don't want to ruin your new opportunities by infecting them with things in your past.

    You don't want to try to take back what you said and dig yourself an even bigger hole by inferring that you're ready for a new relationship, dating, etc... you'll just end up creeping him out. So just pretend like you never even said that to him in the first place. Just simply ask him if he wants to hang out sometime, and if he does, then just let it progress naturally... then it doesn't matter and it will all be forgotten. If he calls you out on it, then just tell him that you were going through a confusing time, but that's all in the PAST. Then you can even get bold with him and be like... so do you wanna hang out or not? haha... either way, it will blow over quickly if you don't make a big deal about it. Good luck.

    • I was sort of thinking that. If he were to ask about what i said i would tell him it was a confusing time because it sure was! I think i will text this guy.

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    • Nice! I honestly don't think he'll even ask you about it because he probably gets the point... unless he's dumb haha. But yeah, let me know if you need anymore help with that. In the meantime, give me a vote or something for my answer haha... I just joined this site today so I'm not really sure how it works, but that seems important around here..

    • Lol you got it. It told me i can't give you the best answer for 24 hours? Ill like your comments though see if that does anything i haven't been on here in years so I don't know how all this works either

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  • i'd just keep talking to him and see if it leads anywhere , I wouldn't put a lot of pressure on him at this point and keep it casual


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  • obviously he replied to you the first time, stop playing around with him because he will move on and not talk to you anymore. Ask him out for coffee or go to the movies together cause then you don't really have to talk. If you show him you're interested im sure he'll show you interest back. Good luck.

    • We haven't talked though in a couple months.

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    • nope, see where it goes from there, I'm sure it will go great

    • We are talking now so seems ok so far.

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