How do I get my parents to accept my girlfriend?


My girlfriend is half Japanese half White (White skin, brunette hair) and I'm Indian American (tan skin, black hair). Unfortunately, my parents are uneasy with our relationship. They want me to break up with her, go to India after my college graduation, and meet a bride that they picked out for me. They hate that I'm dating a half White girl, but she's helped me improve my social skills, be in shape, and get better grades. I also talked to the future bride on the phone, and we have too much different views on culture and humor and education to even be friends, much less married. What do I do now?


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  • I had once married a Muslim man who had found me on FB and after getting better acquainted with him and his lovely family on Skype, I then flew over and there I had stayed for awhile. He never was Ever into Muslim women, his parents could never talk him Into Anything He Never wanted Nor wanted to Do... And they accepted and Respected his Decision, and of course, Loved me and had Accepted me as well, along with the Other hundreds of family members.
    I went back over, my second trip, and we ended up tying the knot at the Ministry of Justice. Although we were married, his bro and his Muslim wife, who became the Big thing while I was there as everyone under the sun planned the Big Wedding, and I had realized right There... I was the outcast because I was the Christan and No longer the American princess from the USA who once had set foot on their own Egyptian soil.
    My husband never deterred from his own plan to just want Me, and even as I write this with him and I being Estranged right now, for I am back in the USA and have not gone back in a long while, due to the Problems that the Middle East has encountered More in Store with, He still stands his Ground, Never has Found a Muslim bride and would rather stay "Single" than to listen to Anyone but his own Head and Heart.
    You need to think about what is most most important to You.. Mom and Dad and your Culture and What they want from you and to be ruled forever with an Iron Fist... Or to Have the love of your Life, less Strife and to be your own Man and Straw Boss with no Loss.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you so much, sweetie, for the Vote of Confidence, and I am quite Confident you will do what is Best from the rest for you and your own future. xxoo

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  • Its a difficult situation, but its in your best interst to stay with your girlfriend bc that relationship is clearly better than the one your parents are proposing. It will would be difficult to get them to accept it bc of their strong beliefs but you have to fight for for your relationship despite what your parents think. It would be nice if they changed their minds but that sill take time and they just have to realise how happy you and your girlfriend are.


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  • do your own thing whatever makes you happy...


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