Why do guys suddenly loose interest?

I'm confused cause this guy was super into me for the past month and then all the sudden stopped texting me when he used to all the time... why the sudden switch?


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  • Didn't you reply to him? Were you trying to be "hard to get"?

    • Yeah I did and no games were played

    • You shouldn't exclude some problems he might be having in his life, he may not be in the mood, is a possibility.

      Ask him if he is alright, or need to talk a litlle...

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  • Just move on you deserve better.

    • "You deserve better"? You know nothing about the guy.

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    • I never said she shouldn't move on! But by saying she deserves better, you're putting this guy down for no reason!

    • @AleDeEurope How am I putting him down? If he didn't like her than he should of just said so at the very moment so she not wondering. She deserve better. I hate guys who just flak out... if your not fuckin intersted later just tell me so I don't wonder whats up... Gosh why is that hard!
      Sure I don't know him... but she could do so much better! Some one who actually cares! But what do I know I am just one person!

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  • Maybe you weren't showing any interest in him. Mayhe you aren't what he's looking for.

  • Did you try to make him chase you?

    • I didn't play any games

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