Was I wrong to give my number out?

I have AT&T for Internet and by my house the connection sucks it’s slow and I hate it. I had two AT&T tech guys come and look at it within a week.

Yesterday at work a guy from Comcast came through my line and I asked him about the service. He told me all good things then asked me for my number. I gave it to him and he told me about Comcast and how he would give me a discount.

So I told my boyfriend about and he got all mad, saying “So you just give your number out?” I told him its business. He said, “It may be business to you but to him he’s hitting on you” I said well he may be hitting on me but I shut that down cause all I care about is Comcast. He said, “You can’t get in touch with Comcast other ways?”


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  • This is why I have a Google Voice number. That's the only number I give out ever. No exceptions, even for friends and family.


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  • Should have sucked his cock for a better deal lol jk.


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