My boyfriend asked me about being engaged... What should I do now?

So like a month ago, my boyfriend (of almost 3 years) asked me what did I think about being engaged. It was sort of out of the blue for him to ask me. I told him I didn't know, that I had to think about it. He said okay and the next day he asked me did u think about it. I said yeah but I haven't made a decision. Me and him stay 2 hours apart and a couple of days before he asked me about this, we were complaining about how we wanted to be closer together. At the time I didn't have a job (but I have one now) and I just felt like he was kind of rushing trying to get me to agree with him about getting engaged just so I could move there or so my parents would let me come visit him (since we would be engaged then) I didn't want him proposing for that reason. It may sound kind of stupid, I don't know. I just really feel like me and him should work on our communication first and then we'll be alright. Because when we argue, its horrible and I don't want to say YES to him if I know I'm not fully happy with how we handle arguments/fights. He has a bad temper at times and so do I. Is it wrong that I want to work on that before we get engaged? I also told him that I wanted to wait until I had a job, so that if we did get engaged then I would feel secure with knowing that I could have his back if anything happened. But now, I want to ask him about this whole engagement thing again. I feel like I'm ready, but then again I don't because of our issues. He says that that's what being engaged is for, to work on differences and all that. But I honestly feel like if we did get engaged, that nothing would change with our communication. But I really love him and wanna be closer to him as well. I thought about transferring my job there after a few months (so it wouldn't interfere with probation or anything at my job) and then maybe finish going to school where he stays. But I doubt he wants to talk about getting engaged now. Please help!


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  • he's just nervous, nervousness can cause a guy to be pushy. he's most likely thought about it nonstop.


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  • He's a pussy. He wants to know what you'd say IF he asked so if you said no he wouldn't ask. I think there's trouble in this relationship and he's trying to reel you in with thoughts of an engagement. This is actually manipulation


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