Guy hasn't texted me in 3 hours to confirm date?

I'm supposed to drive to see him. He texted me a week early to confirm we are still hanging out. (I'm driving to see him) We texted all week, the day before he didn't text me until evening saying he was just working. I ask him are we meeting at a restaurant tomorrow night. He said of course, do you want me to pick you up or meet at his house. I said idc, if he's sure he wants to pick me up, I'll give him gas money. He hasn't replied I'm 4-5 hours. I want to text him I'm not driving out there, you don't seem to confirm enough to reassure me you won't blow me off. I'm honestly tired of this. Can he have the decency to just say he can't hang out. Because if I go out there to a different city by myself and he blows me off I'm going to lose it.
  • Text him you're not going and to have a nice life.
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  • Wait it out. He was working all day.
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  • Wait it out, sometimes things happen.


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