NEED ADVICE: should I re-add him on fb?

basically, in January i finally got the nerve to remove a guy from my life and deleted him off of facebook. i told him to leave me alone and not talk to me. since then I've really started to heal. i no longer think about wanting to be with him or anything, and i have a strong feeling that even if i were to readd him on fb i wouldn't be tempted to look at his profile because i know it owuld be bad for my mental health. HOWEVER, i am over him and know that he is not for me. that being said, i want him to regret his stupidity. i loved the attention if im being honest. i know i shouldn't re-add him because it gives him ammunition to think that im not over him. it also gives him the chance to reject my friend request (which i dont think he'll do). am i being stupid for wanting to re-add him? i know its just facebook and for 2.5 months i haven't even been tempted to creep him or anything and i have learned that i am capable of not checking up on him. its more the fact that i want him seeing whats going on in my life cuz i know that he will check. so moral of t he story is this, i am not intertested in ever being with him. ya he's f___king hot but if he were a good guy he would have fought for me and i have come to terms with that. what are your thoughts?

pls help


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  • Don't do it girl. I get it, you want closure; but by adding him again, you're reopening that door you've worked so hard to close. You may think you're over it, but two months isn't long and all it would take to start relapsing is one message from him. Trust me, your moments of weakness are usually when you need to be your absolute strongest.

    • thanks. and ya you're right. he always knew exactly what to say to string me along and if i added him id risk him rejecting my request, etc. plus he has my number. he can call me if he really wants to

    • Exactly. Trust me, I've been there - I went through this with a guy for 3 1/2 years. Now it's entirely over, and although I don't regret it, I wish I were smarter about it. I allowed myself to cave all the time because I loved him so much, no one matched him, I just didn't want anyone else. Its really hard to cut them off, but I'm glad you know it's for the best. Of course you won't find someone just like him - that's the point lol. Trust me, when someone better comes along, they'll change everything, and you'll be ready.

  • I've been in the same situation as you, and I completely get that you want him to regret not fighting for you but adding him on fb won't make that happen. Yeah, he might check up on you and see your news in the news feed but I seriously doubt he'd SHOW that he regrets leaving you. The point is that you may or may not make him regret his decision but he'll never let you know. I don't think you should add him on fb, because it'll only cause you to think about whether or not has he seen that or this photo and obsess about it. Don't pretend to be happy without him, be actually happy without him. You can't force it to happen, it takes time but trust me, you'll get over him (completely). Once his opinion doesn't matter anymore that's when you know for sure you're over him.
    Until then focus on yourself and eventually you'll find yourself looking back and thinking that you were silly for even taking a second glance at this guy.
    Good luck :)

    • worst part is that this guy and i were never together or even dated. he strung me along for over a year. its a long story but he still broke my heart regardless. so when i finally said I'm done and deleted him i cried for like 2 days. and ya, i think you're right. he probably wouldn't care and if he cared about me at all, he wouldn't have been so chill with me when i said that i want him to leave me alone.

    • i want to be over him so bad. I'm sick of thinking about him. its a lot less often then it used to be. but it still happens. I'm more bitter than anything because he ruined all other men for me because I've never met another man as sexy as him and who i had as much sexual chemistry with