Is it normal to go from complete obsession to disgust in terms of feelings for another person? He used to be on a pedestal, & now he's ugly to me?

Like there is this dude I've been SO hung up over. We've had sex a few times, but he just doesn't wanna settle. We are juniors in college. For the past few months I've seriously been so heartbroken by him... Now I see him on social media and instead of seeing him as some god like I had before... He just really lost that "pizazz." For one, he lies out of his teeth and sucks at it. His looks don't appeal to me either anymore; and I once thought he was beauuutiful. Like his lips look gross to me now... The bottom one juts out weirdly, his nose is droopy, his personality is flat, and he respects no one. I don't get why I let him use and manipulate me for as long as he had. Like I was under his spell because I kept returning for sex, then when I finally distanced myself I got my head out of mah ass and saw him in true light. It's kinda scary because what if this keeps happening?

Anyone else relate?
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  • There are many mental disorder have this symptoms

  • yes this can sometimes happen , there is some girls I have lost interest in overtime , it doesn't always happen but you can lose interest in someone and even start to dislike them in general , I'd say its time to see other people


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