Ex changed fb profile pic after mine? why?

I know he's an ex and all.. pls dont flood the comment section!!!
Im just asking.. why?
Before you jump the gun and tell me its coincidence. He has changed his fb profile in 8 months! I dont change mine either, but when I did...3 hours later he changes his profile pic :)

If he did it because I did... why though?
someone on yahoo said he's showing he still cares.. trying to match your actions


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  • What was the old photo and what is the new one?
    It could be a way of telling you he moved on, and he puts a new happy photo to show that he is doing better off without you...

    • The ole one is a photo in his traditional cultural clothes. The new one isn't a new pic, it's one he had before of him in NYC wearing business clothes

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    • from his ex though? he has MANY friends who always change their pics.

    • He probably doesn't follow them closely

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  • I still think it's a coincidence. Sorry. Eight months though... It's time to move on from this relationship.

    • Did u not read what I wrote about dumb move on comments? And people have gotten back together after years for ur info

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    • You lost any credibility when you refer to men as bros. also, you don't know the dynamics of a relationship for you to give your unwarranted dumb advice, if I ask you what color wall to paint my room and you tell me about what furniture I should get would be over the line! But somehow relationships is free game
      Umm no. He's not a cheater, and I've deslt with true assholes,,, none were like him
      It's sad this world is so desensitized that you respond this way

    • You are not making good choices tonight, OP. Just because it's not what you don't want to hear doesn't mean it's not good advice.

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  • What does it matter. he's an ex.

    • Did you not read what i wrote about stupid move in comments

    • Oh i saw it, answer is still the same though. You sound like you must be really in love with this guy. In which case contact him instead of just stalking

What Girls Said 1

  • It could be him trying to one up you.

    • How so?

    • Yeah so anyways, simmer down, I apologize that you may not be a stalker but still... its a little weird. Have you considered therapy or moving on, it just doesn't seem like a healthy obsession.

    • @OrdinaryGentleman Stop calling it an obsession1 ur no Psychatrist and u dont know someone form talking to them online! u must be sad pathetic robot to have no feelings when a relationship ends! i hope someone breaks ur heart and ur called crazy for giving a damn
      karma will get u! But God will get u faster

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