I don't understand. Am I overanalyzing?

He showed all the signs of liking me. One sign was that he texted me instantly with paragraphs of writing. All of a sudden ( It's been 2 weeks.) where he doesn't even respond to some of my texts. When he does, he responds within 7-8 minutes. Does this mean he's losing interest?


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  • I'd call a 7 minute response pretty neat, to be honest; here, we only get worried on 24hr responses. But it could still be the case that he's losing interest; stuff like that happens, but everyone does it differently. I did it once to a girl I definitely did not like, but she liked me. I had to cut it off, so I went from insta messaging, to taking a while to reply and being cold in my responses. Now we don't even speak, but that's cause I met her and I didn't really like who she was. Recently, a girl did pretty much the same, but it really hurt me. We'd hang out a lot on weekends, and usually walk together to classes and stuff; play video games at night too. Suddenly she lost all interest, began being cold on her responses, and eventually stopped texting me completely. Now we're just strangers.

    Stuff like that happens, people loose interest, and it might hurt but eventually you'll learn to move on.

    • Really? He used to text me within a minute. I have no idea what I did. He's a very shy guy, so I'm the only girl in his life right now. I really like this guy. I know this sounds crazy, but is there any way to get his attention again? I'm not going to bombard him with messages that's for sure. He's in 3 of my courses this semester, and I'm 100 percent sure he'll be in a couple next semester.

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    • I'm pretty sure that He figured out that I like him. Things got awkward for a couple weeks and then he started the hinting even harder. I am friends with tons of guys, but they are mostly gay. Our conversations were super deep. He used to text me first, but now it seems like I'm the only one initiating.

    • It isn't obvious that you like him sometimes; some people are just that oblivious when it comes to flirting. Me, as an example, didn't notice a girl like me and once I did it was too late. He might be going through emotional stuff as well.

      There are all just factors that could tell us why he's acting like that, but the worst case scenario must be kept in mind: he might have lost interest in you if he didn't like something about you.

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  • Either he's busy or you could be reading too much into it. If he read your texts and didn't reply, usually it means he's losing interest. Well if you're interested in him, why not find out more about him and get to know him better?

    • I don't know if he's reading my texts bc he has the setting off :( I know him pretty well. I've known him for 2 years. I was not interested in him back then, but apparently he was. He's a nice guy, very shy, and I really like him but hope I'm not too late. :(

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