What should I do? Advice needed please?

I've been dating this guy for half a year now. He doesn't really take me out at all. One time we almost went and he lied saying the place was closed when I knew it wasn't. Recently I was at his place and he got a text message after midnight on a Saturday night. It happened again tonight and I saw it was a girl. Honestly I feel like he's using me for sex, and to do things for him. He's told me he loved me before and most recently when I said it he didn't reply back. Like if he's found someone new then let me go. This is my first serious relationship and I'm heartbroken thinking he's cheating. He tells me he's busy but I know he's meeting her tomorrow. I feel like I'm being a bad person thinking this, but now I'm so confused. What should I do?


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  • Listen to your feelings and dump this asshole. Date a guy who can give something instead of just taking.


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  • Tell him not to contact you again unless it is to take you out. If he really loves you as he says he will find time to make you happy.


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