Does he love me? Or using me as rebound?

We had a history but never dated and he met my family and friends. I know he is obsessed with me as he assigned photo of me on his phone contact but never for any of his girlfriend.

When we see each other he always dress well and takes me to nice places and always pays for everything.

Recnerly he he broke up with his girlfriend and been on dating site. His ex told him to stop dating until he dux his issue. He agree with her and now he spends most of his free time with me.

he even wants to start a business with me. He's hiding from his ex that we are hanging out.


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  • No I don't think he likes you that much, if he really wanted you so bad and what has he been doing all these years?

    Pretty much he likes you enough to keep you around, but not that much to date you properly.

    • I hate to admit this. Turns out he is dating 3 other girls right now.. The only person he loves is himself.

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  • He seems to be really into you and seems to like you. Just be cautious and be careful. He might be up to something. So far things seem good. Just go with the flow.

    • What do you mean by he is up to something?

      He's known me for 13 years.

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    • I don't need anyone to boost my ego. Why would I be jealous of her? She got dumped LOL

    • Ok that really proves he loves you a lot, ask him to be your boyfriend and see if he says yes or run for the hills.

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