Girls, A guy asks what you would do if he asked you out?

So you know this guy and kind of like him and get along well, he then asks " so theortically what would you do if I asked you out on a date, what would you do?"

If you replied " I would say I would like to go on that date" to which he replies " oh so you like me?"
How would you respond.

Or in the other case if you replied " I would say I would like to go on that date" and he then goes " oh ok" and then continues on another convo like it was nothing.

How would you respond


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  • Answers to paragraphs:
    1. I guess you would have to really ask me out & tell me what's planned and when before either you or I will find out the answer to that!
    2. I guess you'll never find out with this all talk & no action line.
    3. Let me interrupt you, please. That acceptance of your offer expires in 10 minutes w/o confirmation & details that I approve.

    In my mind thinking JERK and never again.


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  • if he asks "oh so you like me?" , ill say, i like you enough to go on a date with you and see where it'd take us, sure.

    if he says, "oh ok", ill say, why do you ask? :P

  • I guess to the first one I'd say that I didn't know but a date would be a good way to find out, no? And to the second, I'd just assume that meant he didn't want to go on a date and I'd drop it.

  • I would give him a chance.


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