Would you text only in order to set a date?

Hello, there's a girl that I've went on a date two weeks ago. Now I've been quite busy that I wasn't able to ask her out for a second date, and even if we have a class in common I didn't give her much attention as I used to give her.

All of this happened because of certain circumstances that I've been struggling lately. Thus I don't know if I still have a chance with her.

We used to text each other, and I was the one to initiate a second date on march 1 but she has refused saying that she can't today. Since then, we didn't text each other at all.

Do you think that I should text her or will I appear needy?
what should I say also?
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I would really appreciate your feedbacks, thank you ! :)
After thought about texting her as you guys advised me, I am unable to find the words to say. It's been two weeks that I didn't text her so I don't know much what to say, any suggestion please?


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What Girls Said 1

  • If try and text her, if u ask again and she says no then don't text again after that


What Guys Said 1

  • i think your time limit is valid... dude... just fricking do it.. and make sure you got something good planned... and let her know what it is too. text... talk... it doesn't matter... just as long as the plan is good. its been two weeks... if you wana go again... Do it.


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