Is Acne a Major Turn Off Need Girls opinion?

Alright I'll get down to it there's a girl I've been in love with for the past 5 years we went on a date at first but we never went further and she was going to arrange another date but the end of school bell went and we haven't really spoken for the past years yet we are friends on Facebook

I want her more than anything but I'm scared to ask her just because of my skin I've been complimented by other chicks about my body and I've been told I'm very handsome but it's just my skin that makes me afraid to ask her so does it matter majorly to girls

thats all please help


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  • Mild acne is ok I guess, but I would be lying if I said that severe acne isn't a turn off...

    • What do you call severe like how much is too much

    • Oh you're still under 18, don't worry, I was talking about adults, chances are you won't be having this issue for too long.
      Mild acne is a few zits here and there, severe would be anything more than that I guess.

  • No it's not a major turn off unless it's severe


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