We went from talking all the time to blocking me off social media.. Did I fudge up?

Did I fudge up? We met last year at my old job, we talked only twice before never seeing/talking again. I got super white girl wasted when went to vist my friends at QU so my drunk self added him on all social media and he accpeted instantly so I was like so shocked, we snapchatted a lot and I thought "okay, I'm drunk might as well get his number" and I did, so he texted me, and we go to detailed and kept telling each other like we found each other super attractive and wished we talked more before he went to the Marines (his a year and five months younger) and all deep personal stuff and we connected so perfectly. Sunday evening hits and the last thing he said was "I texted and he replied" and that was it, & I was at a wine night and my friends kept texting him both Sunday evening & once Monday and zero reply. But he was the FIRST to view my snapstory. However, I started to notice he started liking his exes and some other girls picture and his score kept going up. I logged on today and I was blocked off of all SOCIAL MEDIA. He is also best friends with my best friends brother, and knowing my luck I will run into him when his home..


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  • He blocked you. Why doesn't matter. Move on.


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