Why does my boyfriend get the hint to leave my place?

I will tell him I need him to go because I have work early in the morning but he insists on staying. He snores me out of my own bed, in my place. Then he adjusts my thermostat so it's hot as heck. Its 80 degrees outside, why is he turning off all the AC? It's MY place!! Put on a shirt or pants instead of walking around in your underwear complaining you are cold.
I like him but he is annoying. He snores so loud you can hear him downstairs. He is messy. However, he will wash the dishes and make me coffee to make up for the snoring, but I seriously can't deal with this.
We have tried everything from earplugs, sleeping on his side, mouth guards, visiting the doctor, and nasal strips but he still sounds like a dying pig.
I not only have to deal with his snoring at night but in the middle of the day when he takes 3 to 4 hour naps, and when he falls asleep cuddling me and starts snoring loudly in my ear.
I am just sitting here watching tv, hoping he will leave. I don't get why he doesn't get it. Leave already, I want peace and quiet.
Been together 2 years and talked about marriage, but this driving me crazy


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  • maybe this would help his snoring, sounds like it's bad enough that it could be affecting his sleep quality and thus his health.


    • Thanks. I will look into it. It might save our dying relationship. I am super grumpy from months, years of sleeping in other rooms and being woke up.

    • I don't blame you, I'd be pissed too or have a strict "we don't sleep in the same building rule". Also maybe using multiple anti snore techniques at the same time would help?

      Anyway good luck!

  • Because you are hinting and therefore he probably has zero clue you even have a problem.

    • I told him to go and he said " no I want to stay until the morning when you leave for work" I am trying not to be mean but he makes it hard.

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