Rejecting a guy for the second time?

Hi, so I met this really great guy and we hit it off right away. We knew eachother a week and then he kissed me. I was completely taken by surprise because I never indicated these feelings towards him. I already tried to let him down easy by saying that he is on another level and I'm not there yet, this meaning; he is thinking of marriage and I'm not even 20 yet (I just started with my studies and I've only been living on my own for about 2 months now)

Anyway.. I told him that I don't want a relashionship right now, that we can be friends and see where things go, he didn't understand this simple request and I had to explain it to him multiple times (about 15) He finally agreed to give it a try and then he started with his obsessive relationship shit again.

I'm getting really annoyed and I'm starting to push him away more and more. He is continuously calling and messaging me wanting to hear how my day is and what I'm doing and if he can come vistit me. I've told him I can't and that I'm too busy for anything, especially a relationship right now, but he just keeps on pushing and pushing to be with me.

I know what it is like to be in his possition, being rejected and not knowing what I did wrong. But I've only went through rejecting someone like him once, and it wasn't the best feeling to do it.

Please help, how should I tell him to "Stay away from me" without being the bitch?


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  • Ok, this guy is mentally damaged to some capacity because he cannot process this properly. Do not be afraid about being a bitch to him because he is not boyfriend material anyway. Basically say "no" again to him and then ignore him from now on.


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  • You have to tell him no one more time and then cut off all contact. That's the only way. He might say it's okay we can just be friends I don't want to lose you, but that will only prolong a difficult situation.


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