Friend sexual teasing me?

Im dating someone else nothing serious. So a friend who strictly says she is platonic comes over to my place.

at first it was normal, we were just chatting and we smoked a blunt. And then she sexual teases the hell out of me, but everytime i approached her she told me to back off.

Now when a woman tells me to back off, I do. When she left I sent her a text saying, I don't think it is right if she comes over. She says lol i didn't do anything to disrespect her.

personally, it was torture on my part. What should a guy friend do if his friend who is a girl is giving him signals but says this complete opposite. She seems insecure. I tend to sleep with women who are insecure and don't make it seem like I have to advance myself on them.
I mean I sleep with women who ARE secure.


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  • I think she is just having fun with you. Remember, you both smoked up and emotions become twisted. She is probably a bit jealous you are in a relationship and she isn't and therefore she is just teasing to make herself feel better.

  • The funny thing is... She's playing gaaaaaames. Been through it done it. They test you see if you'll give them attention. Or playing games to let you know they like you but they don't wanna commit yet. Either way. Let her know that she's acting out of line and that you are going be treated the same way you treat me. I got out of a relationship that this girl liked me and did the same shit. She touch my ass but I couldn't touch hers, she gave me hugs and bumped her ass into my crotch but when want a hug she tells me no, when I get be hind her for a hug it's like she's not in the mood. Fuck it. I'm done. She loved when I ignored but then she got the hint.


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