How Do You Feel About Feminine Staright Guys?

I dont mean in the sense of a guy who is sensitive.

I mean a guy who has feminine traits. the way he talks , acts , hand gestures (etc).

I've been talking to this guy for a couple of weeks and as i have been hanging out with him he seems very feminine. he is a straight male from what i know

He acts so soft and sensual. not that it is a bad thing but it is just confusing for me.
He talks like a "female with attitude" sometimes with the hand gestures and the rolling of the neck lol

I like him and the attraction is there. but it just confusing. i dont know if its like a woman trapped in a male body or something but he is so fragile , skinny , and it just makes me wonder

Girls what would you think in a situation as such?


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  • I used to be a lot like that. Eventually I realized that I'll never reach my full potential as a male until I grew a pair. I still haven't fully but I'm working on it.

    He may have low self confidence deep down. I know the reason I acted like that was because I didn't think I was cutthroat enough to act like a man or attractive enough to get away with acting manly.

    Another big part of it was my lack of a decent male role model. That's not to say my father wasn't there, but he was kind of a nice guy/beta male/notgoingtogetintoargumentsoverterms. I grew up with my mother being the aggressively dominant figure of the house and thus I had the "in order to get women, I have to think like a woman." You can guess how well that went over. Long story short, none of my female friends at the time respected me.

    I honestly pity males who act feminine because I know from my life that sometimes the guy was deceived into thinking that femininity was best, either because his parents taught him that or because he feels that he needs to lay low like that to survive.

    • This guy is a very pretty looking male...
      Yellow skinned and green eyes.

      And he has a background of always getting in trouble with gangs and stuff.

      And he is trying to go down the right path in his life

      I asked him has he ever been to jail and he told me no

      So i dont know its just really confusing. he has the bad boy background but not the personality to back it up.

      He told me when he was younger a lot of people would doubt him and try to start stuff with him.

      Its just really confusing.
      I just sont know what to ask to get to the bottom of it without coming off mean or rude

    • In an attempt to turn his life around, it's likely that he turned his life around too much. He made a full 360 instead of a 180.

    • Lmaao ! He also asked me something weird...
      Like he asked me if i can make my butt clap and i told him yes.

      Then he told me he can too when he is on top of a female having sex

      And i thought that was the weirdest thing I've ever heard in my life lol

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  • I know a couple of guys like that, and I've never found myself attracted to one. I also get a bit weirded out by guys like that. Nothing personal, just not for me


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  • I have a coworker that is femi like that. I know he isn't gay BC he has a wife n kids. Man he was walked on at work like crazy.
    All the gag drama queens like to bitch about "alpha" but to an extent the concept is alive and well in the corporate world.

  • In know a guy that has does that feminine hand gestures and sometimes talks like that but he checks out girls like any straight guy and has been down on girls before but he does a lot of gay jokes which piss of me and my friends I sometimes question his sexuality but I haven't said it to his face

  • Only time will tell his true nature or why he acts like that.. have u tried asking him about it? If u like him go for it but he may not like u back the way u would want him too? What type of girl aee u? Can u handle this type of "guy" with all his female traits? What if he makws u feel like ur dating a girl instead of a boy? As a girl what about men turns u on? Can this guy do that sincerely? Is he in the closet? Sounds like a long shot too me but its up to u

    • I have dated girls before also and that's how I see it soooo well... Its not that Iwould have a problem even though i do like an aggressive manly man to take charge and feel protected... But Im more concernedof how to ask with out being to direct iImean iIcan tell he is a bit sensitive and Imight have to watch what iI say

    • Not to be rude or mean in anyway but if u dated/liked girls that may be your issue with this guy he represents your confusion in that he's a male with obvious feminine traits keeps u guessin which is what ur already doing in ur love life.. just an opinion i may be wrong hope this helps 😊

  • I think it's weird

    There's this guy I went to school with he was so metrosexual had all girl friends but married a woman

  • I'm kinda like that too actually, although I can be sexually attracted to guys, but I only really like being in a relationship with women. If you're worried that he's gay / doesn't like girls enough, I would say you shouldn't worry about that because he probably isn't. Most gay males I've met aren't that feminine honestly. It seems possible that he could come out as a trans woman though like you said, but not necessarily by any means. Are you straight and/or would that bother you? If it would, you should probably ask him about it and if he's ever considered it, let him know up front however you would feel about it.

    • So your bisexual? . and Ihave dated girls before and it wouldn't bother me to much if I knew exactly what it was Ijust ddon't want to hurt his feelings by beingto direct. my family are joksters and they already poked fun at him aabout his femininity ways. even though I know that that is they way they great people Icould tell he was a bit bothered by it aandiItried to reassure him that it was only fun.. But deep down iI could tell he was lying

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    • I'm asking people their opinion on the topic of feminine men.

      The difference between you and him is that you are openely bisexual

      He has the feminine ways with the Iwould never dare touch a man attitude.

      I just don't know what to ask to find out why he is the way he is. he was raised with 2 brothers and one sister. in foster care with a god mom. dad wasn't in his life but he did have masculine brothers.

      If it is so that he is gay or bisexual I would like to know instead of being closeted.

      I'ma very honest person and iIcan handle the truth

      I just don't know how to approach the situation wothout coming aoff as a bitch


    • Oh I see. Hmm well I wouldn't be offended if someone asked, but it sounds like he already says he's straight... so yeah that is a bit weird, but I think that's all there is to be done? There's not really any way to tell someone's orientation or gender identity for certain from outside.

  • Okay so in my book it is all fine except this part: "... He talks like a "female with attitude" sometimes with the hand gestures and the rolling of the neck lol... "

    I have met my fair share of men and never in my life have I met a straight guy who does that, outside of imitations and jokes.
    Are you suuure he's straight?

    • I mean he does it to be funny but its just the fact that it looks so natural lol

      Like i know guys who try to act like a girl to be funny and they look like they are out of their comfort zone

      But with him he reminds me of a female sometimes lol its little things like him liking sports and action movies and having a penis reminds me that he is a man lol

    • Ah yes, can't go wrong with the whole "having a penis part" to remind girls you're actually a boy. xD

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  • What makes you think he's not gay?

    • Because his verbal attraction to females to me its always hard to tell a guy to be gay or bisexual unless it is voiced. sometimes he has these manly features when he talks he likes taking charge a lot but sometimes Ijust wonder iIddon'twant to straight out ask if he is gay. I've had boyfriends who i were suspect about and come to find out they had been molested at a young age. so idk? I want to know and get a answer with out being too direct

    • Ask him on a date

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