Why does it seem the person who does you wrong, ends up in the happy relationship with someone else?

This has happened to me 4 times. I think I have a great personality, but they always choose someone else and live a happily ever after, after they treated me bad.

You'd think it would be the other way around, the person who was hurt the most would end up in a good relationship. They couldn't give a second thought about me now or how I'm doing in life they just moved on and don't care, each person i try to move on with ends up with someone else.
This is how I feel


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  • Same here... how I see it... we will end up with the person who is meant to stay


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  • I've had that happen before. I realized later after I got a little older and a little more experienced in life that it was because I was a little bit of a push over during that relationship. I just handed over all the power on a nice shiny platter. In some cases, would become a doormat. The relationship the guy ended up in where he was happy was with a "I don't put up with any bullshit" female. One that challenges them and doesn't accept any form of disrespect. You said these guys treated you badly. The only reason they did that was because you allowed it. Yes THEY were the mean ones, the one that acted like the jerk, but you allowed them to treat you like that. We train people how to treat us, whether you realize it or not. If the first time disrespect or bad treatment happened, you let it be known (more than you did) that you will not accept that kind of treatment, it would have either not happened again, or you would have dumped them the next time it happened and never looked back. Not "teach them a lesson" just to get back together later. But actually dumped them. You teach people how to treat you with everything you accept and don't accept. Respect yourself and love yourself more- search on Google how to love yourself more, how to respect yourself more. Reconnect with yourself while staying single for a while. You'll no longer accept bullshit in a relationship and so guys won't give you bullshit

  • It's doesn't mean anything to do with you really, my ex boyfriend for example did me wrong so many times, I literally don't know what i could've done better to be a better girlfriend and he cheated on me a few times anyway, within a month after our breakup he started seeing someone else and it seems to be getting serious, I was angry at first because truthfully I didn't want him to be happy because i resented him, but he's just a person who needs other people for validation and it's probably not going to be 100% honest because its just the way he is, a pattern in his past relationships.


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