If a girl doesn't text you first does that mean she's not interested?

She's an introvert and she has given me stares, but i think even if she was interested she would text me first in my opinion. I think i;m wasting my time with her smh


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  • She may be thinking the exact same thing about you. She could be thinking he will text / call and we will hit it off. Not all women are so easy to read

  • Guys text first usually. Girls dont usually initiate and it's up to the man to do that.

    • Its been two days since she has replied to my text and i will not text her until she does. Is that wrong?

    • If you texted a question and she hasn't answered then i would give it a week and then text again. If you gave a statement then just text once again. If she still doesn't reply then she isn't interested or she better have a really good excuse.

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