When is the good time to have sex when you're starting out in a long distance relationship?

I have a guy friend with whom sparks fly like crazy every time we meet. Unfortunately, we live about 10 hours away by car and we've been contenting ourselves with occasional online chats and emails.

We met completely by chance at a party a few weeks ago, and we made progress on our relationship (had nowhere to go at the end of a night and ended up in the same bed, we made out at his initiation but didn't have sex.) But now we're both more eager to see each other soon.

I'll probably see him in a couple of months, but I'm a little scared. I'll have at most a few days to spend with him, so do I jump into bed immediately with him? I'm scared of making this a one-night kind of thing, because I don't want to damage our friendship, as we're pretty good friends too, but also there is so little time. We've spent time by ourselves before but we've never even been on a real date so I'm very confused about my feelings. I want to see how he treats me etc before deciding but now the lack of time is putting a lot of pressure on.

What should I do? Any advice is appreciated!


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  • Take things slow. While I can say , there is no special time to have sex when in ANY relationship, you sound like you want something more solid and I would encourage you to take your time and get to know him a little more. 10 hrs is a long distance and it may seem like too much to wait for or like time is running out but you would be surprised how much of hanging out once or twice a week can add up to.


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