If you have options, how do you pick?

Guys, if you are talking to more than one girl, how do you go about it? What makes you pick one over the other in the end? How do you let down the other girl?


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  • The personality of the girl how much we click will determine it
    And how... Hm... friendzoning :/

    • How would you friend zone?

    • By telling them that I just see them as a friend and nothing more. Well that's how it is in short
      But my whole rambling reply would come down to this line :p

    • I have a Gut feeling that Im just a maybe option for a Guy But he hasn't said anything... But became a lagger in texting this week

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  • 1st I would check if she has similar or close preference to mine the man-relathionship
    2nd common interests
    3rd how much shed fight for me
    4th sexual compatibility

    • What exactly do you mean fight for you?

  • I consider their utility.


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