In these kind of situation: should I contact him or should he contact me?

So out last convo was on Friday and it went something like this:

him: So how are you enjoying the city?
me: Im really enjoying myself, even though there are several places i haven't been to yet that i would love to go to
him: which one? we can go togheter sometime
me: *mentiones different places* and yeah, that sound fun!
him: Yeah, it would! we can make plans when im back from my trip
me: sounds good!

by the way was supose to come back from his trip this Sunday, and the realistic part of me expects him to contact me sometime today or tomorrow. Or should i contact him?

We have been talking for about a week and the impression I got from him was that he is interested, but kinda shy... And before he suggested us hangig out I felt like i did most of the flirting.

It was barely been a day since he came back (according to him), but yeah, i was kinda hoping he would have messaged me by now expectially since he has been logged on today.

So am i just being impatient? And if i sound kinda clingy, its only because I always expect the worse, so a part of me is trying to save my feelings by finding out his interest level as soon as possible aka not wasting any time


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  • Its neutral who should contact who. If it was me, i would message him saying "you still owe me a date, gonna pay up?

    • i guess so, but its like i mentioned to begin with I did most the flirting, so im assuming a part of me wants him to make just a little bit more of an effort, just to really show he interested.. But then again he did message me first and he was kinda the one to suggest us actually doing something.. So maybe its "My turn"

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    • is it okay if i PM you?

    • Lol off course

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  • Contact him. You're not being impatient.


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