If you cheated on your girlfriend and she sent another guy inappropriate texts can you really be mad?

Full disclosure I'm being honest I know it's crappy but me and my girlfriend have been dating since Spetmeber and I cheated on her with my ex a couple times but it ended and I haven't for a while, in the last month I've found out that my girlfriend was sexting a guy, the messages were about our sex life and things she likes to do with me. Question is do I forgive her knowing that I did something worse? I really do care about her and that's why I stopped with my ex and have been straight for a while.
  • No right to be upset
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  • Still be upset
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  • Just break it off cause it's clearly not gonna work
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Instead of trying to figure out who's more wrong or who has the right to be most upset, why not just acknowledge that neither of you are dedicated to this relationship and end it.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I voted A. She didn't cheat.

  • Yes what she did was wrong however so did you and it depends on how you found out I feel that you should both be honest with each other tell her how you feel about his and see how she feels as you cheated physically she cheated electronically so talk together


What Guys Said 2

  • you can be upset sure but you can't really hold it against her too much. it's hypocritical to hold her behavior against her considering what you did but you can certainly be upset by her action

  • just talk to her about it. it's not good but you shouldn't get overly mad about it. and if that doesn't work out. think about breaking up.


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