Girls in your 20's is a guy with a shaved bald head dateable to you?

I'm relatively new here and I shave my head because I balded early, I am self conscious but not like some dudes about it and I see a lot of bald questions from multiple dudes on here so I streamlined it,

girls would you date a guy who shaved his from hair loss?
  • Yes I would, a guy can be attractive even bald
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  • No i don't think I would, it would be very hard to get past at the very least so probably not
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  • No to me baldness is an absolute dealbreaker
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Wow girls, I can see why some guys are self conscious, oh well, you don't know what you're missing ;)
Bald in no way represents out of shape etc. hair is an accessory nothing more.


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  • vin diesel is bald and bitches love him


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