How To make a move But not scare him off?

We have ONLY been On a couple of dates, he texts a lot when we do so in these past 3 months, But he takes long To ask me out, But I don't know if he is lacking interest, still hurt from ex girlfriend cheating, wants To see me interested... etc. I think he isn't ready To jump into a relationship as he mentioned that On our first date But We converse a lot, have Good Connection, never a dull moment.

He said he wouldn't ask me out if he didn't want to so Im glad To hear... But i have not reached out To him because I feel that he recently is holding back. I Really like him and feel We can have something Good, i know it takes two, is there a way To at least figure out what he wants without being pushy?

I'd hate to walk away from the good I saw in all this.


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  • i would tell him you know he is having a hard time totally moving on from the pain caused in his last relationship. ask him if there is anything you can do to help him over come it and move on. because you see him as a great guy with a lot a lot of things going for him. also ask him about his hopes and dreams about the future. if he askes why you asked just tell him you are trying to figure out how you can fit in to them. then tell him what you like so much about him and how he make you feel.

    • Right now he has distanced himself from reaching out to me for a week but I noticed if I ever text, he replies a long paragraph within a minute. Thank you for your advice, Im THINKING You're right, he probably needs more reassurance that I can be there for him And Am truly interested.

    • i hope everything works out for the both of you. sometimes it takes a long time to trust after someone has betrayed it. i just hope he see's you are not the same type of person as his ex and you are looking for the long term not just a good time

    • Thank you! I hope so too, again thanks for the feedback. He has not texted But I'll send a goodnight text tonight do he at least knows Im still Here.

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