What is your idea of a romantic or sweet date with your bf/gf?

Hust curious what your ideal romantic date would be :)


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  • Going out to dinner at a little mom and pop shop where it's quite and peaceful so we can sit and talk about things. So I can listen to her talk about the things she likes. Then go to a place where we can shoot some pool so we have fun and be a tiny bit competitive. but also to have a chance to break the touch barrier by helping with her shot or congratulating her on a good shot. Then take a walk on the beach where we might hold hands and enjoy the environment. Then as I walk her to her door step I would give her a good night kiss and make sure she gets inside safely.

    • That is so sweet omg! And what's a mom and pop shop?

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    • Well when you're about to go in the water and you guys are in just your swimsuits ask her if she'd like to get on your back and you can race her into the water, or you could wait till after you have swam and when you're walking with her crouch down and say hop on. She may be a little tired so having you carry her would be nice

    • Thanks for MHO. :)

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  • Passed out on the couch snuggled up to each other with the TV still on.

    • What would you do before that though?

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    • Do you like it when girls wear a lot of perfume or just a little?

    • depends if it smelled good or not lol

  • it will be romantic and sweet as well :D

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    • Now that's more like it 😄

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