I have this crush and I'm having a hard time figuring out if he likes me or not?

so this guy... has the same name as me.. he's very tall and handsome.. imnot sure if he likes me or not? i really hope so.. he gave me a piggy back ride the day of the bonfire i had a few days ago. and at the end of the bonfire he had to go at like 11:30 so we hugged goodbye and i didn't want to be weird and give him a long hug.. so i tried to let go but he pulled me in.. later that night i got his snapchat and started talking to him. i put "i like him but he doesn't know it "on my story.. then a little while later he said had to go to bed so.. he said "Good night bud!!:DD" and today i seen him at school.. and he was his charming self as usual.. and i seen him at lunch today.. i didn't want to bug him so i stayed at my table and his friend came over to say hi to my friends.. then he came over and started pushing my beanie down and wanted to play this game called pikachu.. then he went back to his table.. after that lunch ended and he left but.. then he started coming back with his friend then all of a sudden went back to going towards his class.


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  • He likes you and you should've sat with him at lunch. He isn't sure you like him

    • I didn't want to make things weird because I don't know his friends that great

    • Fuck his friends you're not after them

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