Why don't some people understand?

Like could be in the gym working out and people will say you got a girl yet and I respond no they replie eventually you will give it time. When they say this I think it takes more then being in the gym to get a girl
Thanks for opinions


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  • If I were you I'd simply tell them that it is none of their business if I am dating or not.


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  • Because people like to project themselves onto other people. They assume that since they can get into a relationship that other people can as well. They don't realize that its not easy for everyone and when they come across someone who doesn't fit their own personal experiences it confuses them. Its like "if I can do it, how come you can't". Those people annoy me.

    • Well I'm deeply flawed it's why I'm 24 and never been in a relationship

  • Yeah, I don't get why some people just expect you to be in a relationship. Like, what if you don't want to be in a relationship right now? Because you don't have to be and that's an option.

    Yes, it takes more than just being in the gym to get a girl, and it takes more than wanting a girl to get one. Reality bends to our desires but it does not conform to them.

    • Yeah well a lot of people don't see my deeper issues on the surface that may permanently take me out of ever getting a girlfriend for example I'm extremely shy, insecure and afraid to talk to women I was interested in

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    • Agreed. I can relate to that.

    • I swear the only thing I do is awkwardly laugh and say no while hoping they don't ask anything else about it

  • I don't see the connection between going to gym and having a girlfriend , a lot of single people go to the gym but so do people in relationships. guess working out and being fit might make someone more desirable to another single but doesn't necessary mean they'd be with someone

    • Yeah I don't even see myself as dating material it has nothing to do with how I treat women it's how insecure and not ready I am

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