How do I ask her if I can come to her house?

So I've been seeing this girl that I met through tinder, things have been going well but she lives about 2 hours away unfortunately. She's been coming home for various things so I've been able to see her but I don't want her to have to drive down here all the time. I also don't know how to say "I can drive to your house" without it sounding creepy or desperate. It probably isn't either of those things, but I just feel like it is for some reason. She has said in the past that she wished I was at the bar with her when she's been out at the bar with her college friends. I really want to see her and I don't want it to only be when she is in town (granted we have met in the middle a couple times) but I also want to be able to relax and hang out.

I also don't want to be intrusive... I would like to think me asking if I can come to her place isn't intrusive. But how do you think I should ask? Would it be weird to just say "I can drive to your place"?


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  • Yes, that is totally weird. I don't think you should ask her to drive to her place. You're still in the dating face, it will come of as pretty desperate if you do so.


What Guys Said 1

  • "You mind if I come over?"


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