He was being all affectionate but he has backed off?

I have been seeing my best friend for the last 7 months.
Through the holidays we were pretty much in a relationship, but he has since gone back to uni.
We are not exclusive while he is there.

He has told me that he has never been this happy, never loved anyone like this.
He told me he isn't ready for a relatiosnhip until he is finished at uni.
He even got jealous on the weekend, which he never did over his ex.
I believe when he says all this & I trust him.

However, I visited on the weekend & had a great time but since then I have barely heard from him.
He will start a conversation and not reply, or he will not seem interested.
It's like he doesn't care anymore.

I don't know what to do?


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  • Maybe something happened to him? You should talk to him about it.


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