How soon do you think about what you want from someone? Why would you ask them what they want when its only been a few dates?

How soon do you think about what you want from someone?

It isn't really something i think of, or maube i dont understand what peple mean by it.

If i ask someone out, im just thinking like , well go out hang out, see how it goes.

The guy I asked out, asked me what i want from him.

I obviously can't answer that, but my concern is he does not literrally meran what do i want from him, and if i say 'nothing' he will think i don't like him.

Why would he ask me that when we have only gone out like twice? I am still getting to know him. I am not sure how to respond si he won't feel like im playing games, or not interested.

We met 7 months ago. We both liked each other right away but being busy with school and work, we slowly Got to know each other over the school year.
Three months agl, He asked me out.
I asked him out.
He asked me out--I had to reacjedue.
I asked him out -- He couldnt make it.
He asked me out--I couldnt make it.
I asked him out -- now he wants to know whatr I want.


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  • Because it sounds like you've both put catching up off, so he wants to make sure that he's aware that your willing to try if you both want it


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  • For me I ultimately want marriage so I ask what they're looking for. Some just want nothing serious and that tells me we don't want the same thing


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