Should I try to go after this girl that likes my friend?

A really good friend of mine has this really hot girl into him, he adamently denies liking her and says that they won't be going out, but he is with her a lot. I know she really likes him, she texts him all the time when we hang out, and he is really handsome and funny so I really dont see why she wouldn't like him. He's given me an excuse for not dating her, and I guess its somewhat valid but I'd never let that excuse get between me and a girl as hot as this. I dont know the girl well, I know she is gorgeous (obviously), and I know she is pretty smart and nice, but I've only sat down and talked with her a few times. That being said I'm thinking about asking her out, I told my friend "If you dont ask her out I will" and he just shrugged it off so I'm assuming that means he's okay with it. What do you guys think? Good idea?


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What Girls Said 1

  • If he isn't going after her, it's fair game. Go ask her out. Especially since your friend doesn't seem to realize that she can find someone else and thinks she'll just wait around for him to figure it out. I hate when guys have this mentality that a girl will just be there when he decides he's ready. There's a chance he's stringing her along so if he is don't be surprised if she says no thinking her and him are going to happen any minute.


What Guys Said 1

  • You go for it, but keep in mind she's into HIM, so be ready for a fall.


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