How would you feel if your girlfriend bought you flowers?

Would it be strange if I bought flowers for my boyfriend?
If your girlfriend bought you flowers would you not like it?
Have a girl gave you flowers before? How did you feel?


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  • Say thank you lol

    • I haven't seen my boyfriend in 3 weeks because of his job. On the day he is back he wants to spend the day together and I was thinking of bring some flowers with me and some candy.
      I'm wondering if would like it or think it's strange. How would you feel if your girlfriend did that?
      Thank you for answering!

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    • It actually is, very few people have caught my username. I enjoyed the game a lot and I thought the name was awesome

    • Thank you for MHO

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  • I assume most of them would consider it sweet.


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  • I love the idea, and I would be absolutely thrilled and probably go and do the same for her when she least expected it. ^_^

  • I would feel good and confused.

    • I just wanted to show that I appreciate him. It's hard with guys because there isn't a good equivalent for flowers to gift to guys.

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    • That makes sense. I don't know why but I didn't think of that. Thank you and the guy above for telling me this!
      I'm going to make his favorite pie for him.

    • Lucky guy

      A way to a guys heart is through his tummy

  • i would feel great, a little embarassed but great


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