He's become less affectionate, how to not scare him off?

We are doing distance but aren't exclusive. Planning to be after he finishes uni (end of year).

i spent the weekend with him. He said he loves me & wants to be with me eventually. Amazing weekend, lots of sex. Seeing him again this weekend.

However since I left he has barely messaged me, no affection, x's, I love you'd or anything like that. I'm afraid he's either moving on or I came on too strong & scared him.

How do I not scare him off?


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  • Stop thinking with that mindset, if you feel uneasy he will pick up on it, be confident in yourself that you are enough and that any man who is scared off that easily isn't worth it! Once you value and love yourself you won't worry about scaring him off and he will be more drawn to you. I know it's hard when you really like him and don't hear from him but try and keep yourself busy for using on waiting for his next call or text will just make you feel more anxious and needy. Live your life and be confident he will contact you soon!

  • You should have a discussion with him. Tell him that he's behaving in a completely different way. Ask him if anything has happened to him lately.


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